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We Provide Security Monitoring To Keep You Safe

Trinity Protection Systems in Orlando, Florida, provides security system design, installation, and monitoring. When you choose us, we'll build a system that covers all of your concerns. Get free installation of your security system when you sign up for a monitoring plan..


Our team can fully design a new security system for your home or office. Get the features you want, such as a wired or wireless system, surveillance cameras, and system controls installed on your smartphone. If you prefer, you can just have a standalone camera system designed and set up. We can design automated controls for your lights and heating and air conditioning systems. Let us know what you want, and we'll build the system to meet your needs.


Our team can handle all aspects of the security system installation process, including design, monitoring, and servicing. During your initial consultation, we'll find out what you need, make recommendations, and provide a custom quote with a time estimate to finish installation.

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You can rely on us to service and repair your residential and commercial security systems. We can handle brands, like Honeywell, DSC, and GE. Our team replaces batteries, repairs the wiring, and even performs routine maintenance. A skilled technician comes to your home, diagnoses the problem, and gives you an estimate of the repair costs. If we are unable to get access to the control panel, we can also replace the old and broken parts of the system.


Security monitoring service is essential to get help fast in case of a break in. After you set up your account, we'll provide monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should the alarm go off, our alarm monitor team calls to check that everything is okay. You'll be asked to give a pre-selected security word to confirm for us that it was a false alarm. Our team attempts to call you twice to confirm the false alarm. If you don't respond, we call the authorities to investigate. This service ensures that you always know when something is happening at your home or business.