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Get the Home Security System Of Your Dreams

Trinity Protection Systems in Orlando, Florida, provides the most affordable prices in the city, county, and state. Our home security systems are comparable to those offered by other well-known companies. Plus, we'll go above and beyond in meeting your needs for a brand name security system like Honeywell®, DSC®, and GE™. When you become our client, we set up a yard sign on your lawn indicating that your property is protected by Trinity Protection Security systems. This alone deters crime. You also get a free price quote and free installation when you choose our service.

Monthly Plans

If you're interested in protecting your property, you can choose from any of our available plans. We don't offer anything too advanced for the average user or that is scaled down too much. Your home security system will be just right and worth the price. Start with a security monitoring plan for just $25 a month.

Security System Types

We can install a variety of security systems that you'll feel comfortable using in your home or office. Some of the types of security systems we install include:

• Residential Alarm Systems
• Commercial Security Systems
• Residential Burglar Alarms
• Residential & Commercial Security Systems
Fire Alarm System

Available Security Systems

Choose from a range of systems to have installed in your home or business. These may include:

• Honeywell Vista
• Honeywell 5100
• GE Security Interlogix Simon XT
• GE Security Interlogix Concord 21
• DSC 1616
• DSC SCW9057 Impassa